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Showings: Listing vs Buyer Agent

As an Agent, when it comes to showings, whether you’re on the listing or buyer side really matters. For decades, showing service companies have been one-dimensional, primarily servicing and benefitting the listing side of the transaction. When a listing goes live in MLS, the Listing Agent directs Buyer or “Showing” Agents to book appointments on a scheduling calendar with predetermined appointment time blocks of availability (ie. 15, 30, 60 minutes, etc.). The showing agent picks an available time slot and clicks to schedule the appointment. Seems pretty straight forward, doesn’t it? Not so fast.

The problem for

Buyer Agents

Scheduling is monotonous, frustrating, time consuming, and tedious

MLS sheets and clipboard clutter is clunky, archaic, and old-school.

Existing scheduling solutions have too many human-to-human dependencies and remain inflexible to cancellations, rescheduling, property characteristics, buyer behavioral styles, and changing, real-time, in-the-field conditions. Most touring software is static in nature and is rendered useless the moment the showing schedule changes.

What are Agents really saying
about showings?

The amount of stress that goes into the simple tasks we have to do as a buyer’s agent is ridiculous. And unnecessary.
Scheduling is a headache... you have to pick up the phone, track everyone down, go through a showing service. Do that times 10 homes and it takes all day to set everything up.
You think you have it all figured out, but the buyer adds two more properties and...oh no!

The problem for

Home Buyers

Fumbling around with stacks of printed MLS sheets, accessing property information and viewing multiple apps while touring homes is distracting, clunky and archaic. Home buyers are often looking at a minimum of 3-5 apps during and between showings with their agent. This keeps them unnecessarily distracted from you, their trusted fiduciary and real estate advisor.

Today’s buyers rely on smartphones to navigate their busy days. And they expect their real estate experience to keep up.

The problem for

Listing Agents

Existing showing solutions can be unnecessarily costly, based on a per listing, per month rate. Showing timeframe options are limited with little to no flexibility, often forcing Buyers into a “one-size-fits-all” appointment visitation timeframe. This can cause a rushed and less enjoyable showing experience for a prospective home buyer and their Agent.

Call center operations are a sign of the past. During showings, Buyer Agents don’t have time to disconnect from their clients to manage their schedule.

Too much exposed showing availability is visible on most scheduling calendars. This information can be used as a negotiation tactic against the Seller.

TourZazz is FREE to Listing Agents with unlimited listings and no Agent-facing scheduling calendar, which Sellers appreciate!

" TourZazz solves a human problem, not a technology problem. "
1000 Watt

Agents are saying,
‘Where has this been all my life?’

We understand the struggles of buyers’ agents firsthand. So we created a platform that is designed to help them manage tours, showings, and last-minute changes with ease. We interviewed and beta-tested our platform with hundreds of agents to make sure it was just right for them. TourZazz helps our whole industry turn the corner to a better future — one with less stress, more time, and better client insights.

deserving of great technology

Buyer Agents are Showing Heroes

When building, scheduling, managing, and conducting showing tours, Buyer Agents are the ultimate multitaskers. Common tasks include:

TourZazz: A Must Have for Agents!


TourZazz elevates the entire scheduling and showing tour experience — for both agents and their clients. It’s a smarter way to schedule, with an intuitive design and enhanced flexibility for on-the-fly changes out in the field. TourZazz creates pitch-perfect itineraries that save you time, reduce your hassle, and keep you current. Making you look like an absolute rock star. Every time.

Get Started Today
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Whether you’re scheduling showings for buyers, or your looking for an appointment management alternative to manage showings on your listings, TourZazz is for you. Either way, whatever your business need, register for free and try TourZazz today. You won’t want to go back to your old ways again.

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