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An elevated showing and tour experience.

Keeps buyer’s agents current, relaxed, and looking like a rock star.

For Buyer Agents

Showing and Tour Management made easy at your Fingertips

Only $14.99/month

Download the app!

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A Better Experience

An intuitive, thoughtful design that keeps everyone on the same page — without the archaic pen-and-paper/clipboard clutter.

Save Time

Pitch-perfect itineraries that take half the time to make. And optimize the tour perfectly for your client’s needs and habits.

Enhanced Value

Elevate your offering. Stay relevant. And provide the modern experience that today’s customers expect.

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TourZazz saved my life today! I had 5 hours of showings from Austin to Dale, Cedar Park, Bastrop and back! TourZazz set a pitch perfect itinerary and we arrived on the money at every showing! Best part...I was relaxed and my clients found their dream home!

Jonna Juul Hansen, REALTOR®

Best-in-Class Technology

at your fingertips.
Rearrange Properties.png
Use the Drag-n-Drop feature to rearrange the tour to your liking.
Add properties by typing one MLS number, pasting multiple MLS numbers, or searching by address. 
Add Non-MLS Properties.png
Add Office Exclusive Listings.
Proposed Itinerary.png
View the location and route for showings and property tours.
Client has a favorite? Need to stay longer at a property? Simply adjust the end time.

Auto-Assist Scheduling

Use TourZazz's TZ Smart Scheduler to automate time-consuming scheduling tasks.

Add Multiple Buyers

Create exceptional touring experiences for multiple buyers at the same time.

Pitch-Perfect Timing

TourZazz patent-pending technology creates your timeline with pin-point accuracy that keeps you on schedule.

Reorder Schedule

Easily adjust the sequence of tour stops based on availability and personal preferences.

Set Tour Speed

Adjust the speed of your showing tour and property visits based on your client's personality and behavior style.

Add On-the-Go Properties

Easily add more properties to an already-confirmed showing tour schedule.

Out with the status quo. In with an entirely new digital experience.

Access all the property information you need. And without lugging around unwanted and cluttered MLS data sheets.

Real Estate Buyers

I love it. Saves me time in mapping out, scheduling timelines. I can easily schedule/show several properties to one client and schedule more with another client all in one day and not even open my laptop!

Jennifer Fritz, REALTOR®

On the Phone

A seamless experience for your homebuyers

Your buyers can enjoy smoother tours with our interactive, web-based digital tour itinerary. And focus on the fun of finding your new home - not the frustration of a stressful schedule.

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