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Real Estate Brokerages

A Retention, Recruitment, and Productivity Solution

A Modern, Holistic Showing Management Platform
for your Agents, Assistants, & Teams
A Tour Management Platform for Buyer Agents
A Showing Management Platform for Listing Agents
Licensed & Unlicensed Assistant Access for Tour and Showing Management
Agent-controlled Access to Buyer and Seller Tools fostering Client-for-Life Relationships
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Individual, Team, and Company-Wide Tour Metrics & Insights

Property Tour Metrics creates Tour Transparency which Leads to Increased Training Opportunities
Significantly Improves Team Productivity and ROI
Elevates the value the brokerage provides to buyer clients and significantly enhances buyer agency

Agent Recruiting and Retention

Great tools like TourZazz maintain favorable commission splits

Productivity improvements make your brokerage irresistible to Agents

TourZazz is designed to support your Ninja practices
Office Social Distancing
Closing a Deal

Mobile-centric Technology that Improves Agent-Client Relationship

Helps Tether Agent-Client Relationship for Life
Enhances the human-to-human experience that no technology can ever replace
Modernizes the Brokerage's ability to meet the Digital Demands of Today's Home Buyer

Tour Transparency = Increased Training Opportunities

There is no technology or effective tracking mechanisms in place to help real estate brokerages better understand and assess how many home buyers their agents are actively working with, how many properties are being toured over a specific period of time, how long it takes to write a contract and, more importantly, understanding where and how their agents are spending their time with home buyer clients.

TourZazz is the Solution.

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