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How It Works

Setting Up Tours & Scheduling Appointments in a Few Easy Steps



your tour schedule in seconds!

Built for desktop, tablet, or mobile devices, building tours and scheduling showings is fast! Simply add buyers, adjust their tour speed, select the showing or tour date and time, add properties, throw in some coffee, rest, or snack breaks, and you're off to the races!
Saves You a Ton of Time



the tour schedule to your liking.

Add, delete, and reorder properties last minute. Adjust start and previously scheduled appointment times and home visit durations. TourZazz knows and understands that Agents need to make changes on the fly when touring and showing properties ... all while remaining 100% engaged with their home buyer clients.
Offers Maximum Flexibility



appointments with one click.

That's right, you can put your scheduling on autopilot. No more texting or calling required. From scheduling and rescheduling, to handling cancellations, TourZazz's artificial intelligence-powered automation handles it all for you ... all with the click of one button.
No Call Centers Required



tour schedule with buyers.

In one click of button, your home buyer's journey to find the perfect home is digitized and transformed ... making you their showing rockstar agent! No more outdated, clunky clipboards and printed MLS sheets.
Elevate Your Home Buyer's Experience

“TourZazz is AMAZING!!! I used it Sat & Sun and it was a huge success!  This will make being a buyer's agent so much easier! And, it was so simple to have everything possibly needed at the fingertips of my did my clients!  This is a real game changer!!"


Chad Proctor, REALTOR®

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