Watch how a tour is scheduled in minutes... 

even seconds.

Let TourZazz's patent-pending, artificial intelligence-powered technology handle the sequencing, scheduling, rescheduling, and cancellation of your showings and property tours.

Add One or Multiple Buyers

Add one or multiple buyers to showings and property tours, ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

House Viewing

Whether you need a slower pace to take in all the details of each property, or need to blaze through properties, TourZazz's patent-pending tour algorithm allows you to easily adjust the speed of the tour based on your client's personality and preference.

Set Tour Pace

Very Fast
Don't Know Yet

Easily Add and Rearrange Properties

View the location and route for showings and property tours
Client has a favorite? Need to stay longer at a property? Simply adjust the end time.
Use the Drag-n-Drop feature to rearrange the tour to your liking.
Add properties by typing one MLS number, pasting multiple MLS numbers, or searching by address. 
Add In-office properties that are not on the public MLS.
Fancy Coffee

Need to include a break?

Whether it's a coffee, rest, snack, or lunch break, TourZazz has you covered. You can even add a tour wrap-up cocktail happy hour if you want!

Meet Zazzy, your Scheduling Assistant

Sit back, relax, and let Zazzy handle your scheduling. Real estate agents and Assistants don't have to be in MLS to schedule showings and property tours. Whether at a restaurant, sitting at a stop light, or on vacation with your toes in the sand, scheduling is easy and at your fingertips.

Too many properties, not enough time?

We've all done it. You line up what you think is the perfect tour schedule jam-packed with several properties ranging in different sizes and locations around town. You and your clients have a hard stop at a certain time.

  • What about traffic issues?

  • What happens when the first or second part of your tour occurs during rush hour?

  • What if your client likes to take their time, or is especially speedy as they tour each property?


No problem. TourZazz lets you know in advance if you won't be able to view all the properties by the specified end time, or if you'll be ahead of schedule.

Let TourZazz Handle Your Showing Requests

Scheduling can be time-consuming!


Let TourZazz's Artificial Intelligence-powered Concierge handle your communications with the Listing Agent and/or Seller, so that you don't have to become disengaged from your client to manually rearrange and call future listing agents and/or sellers to change or modify the schedule on the fly.

Starting your Tour later than expected?

No problem.

Simply adjust your start time and let TourZazz handle the process of notifying all future parties involved.

Access Important Information 

while On-the-Go

While on tour, you have quick and easy access to:
  • Property Details & Photos

  • Contact Information for Listing Agent

  • Private MLS Remarks

  • Financial Information including Property Tax and HOA Information

  • Custom Added Notes by you and/or your Assistant

Need to Cancel or Reschedule Appointments?

Here's the scenario. You've created a tour with 6 or 7 homes. All appointments are confirmed. Now you find out from your client that they want to change the schedule, remove a property, or add another property to the tour schedule. Happens all the time, doesn't it?


TourZazz handles the rescheduling and cancellation notifications to Listing Agents and Sellers, enabling you to adjust your schedule on the fly. No more running late or "no shows", unnecessary distractions, or having to find a stopping point to manage your schedule while you're on tour.

Have an Assistant who sets up your showings and property tours?

Real estate agents can add one or multiple licensed or unlicensed assistants. Assistants can set up showings and tours on behalf of the agent or team they're working for. Per MLS guidelines, special permissions are granted to licensed assistants with some restrictions for non-licensed assistants.

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