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A Digital Showing and Property Tour Solution
for Home Buyers



Tour App!

A 5-Star Concierge-Level Showing and Property Tour Experience for your Home Buyer Clients

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Whether it’s 1 or 15 properties, TourZazz enables Real Estate Agents to create and share all-in-one showing and property tour itineraries with Home Buyer Clients.
TourZazz itineraries include:

Tour Schedule + Appointment Times

Property Details

Property Photos

Financial Details

Tour Route

Lunch, Rest, or Snack Breaks

and more!

"I have asked my clients for feedback and this was what they had to say – 'I loved being able to go back and review the properties after our property tours.'  Needless to say, my clients were impressed." ~ Brigitte Thompson, REALTOR®

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Online Class
The Value to your Home Buyers
The Smart Device Solution for Showings and Touring Properties
Helps buyers to stay on schedule, creating a better overall tour experience
Allows Buyers to easily access the day's itinerary, property details, and photos
Allows for Quick Access to Route and Distance Estimations
No more fumbling around with stacks of paper and clipboards
Less Distractive, creating a Better Connection with you, their Trusted Real Estate Advisor

Today's buyers expect a more simplified, efficient, organized, transparent home buying experience. Buyers want:

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Modernized Format

Juggling pages of MLS sheets, cluttered with limited property information is antiquated and frustrating for buyers.

Consolidated Data

With no one-stop data solution available, buyers have historically jumped from dozens of apps and websites to get the data they want about each property on tour.

Minimal Distractions

The antiquated process and fragmented data make the home tour and buying process distracting, cumbersome, and overwhelming.

Efficient Tracking

Just as agents need an organized, efficient, effective way to help their buyers track property features and favorites, more importantly, buyers desperately need an easy-to-use tracking system as well.

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