Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use TourZazz For Free?

TourZazz's Basic Plan includes a free appointment management tool for Listing Agents and includes unlimited listings, showing contacts, showing requests, and a free scheduling tool for Buyer "Showing" Agents. Agents who work with Buyers and want to significantly elevate the showing experience can build, schedule, and share 3 FREE single or multi-property showing schedules with one or multiple clients using the My Tours feature. Agents can upgrade to the Pro Plan within the app, which includes unlimited monthly showing tours and more for only $14.99/month.

Is TourZazz only for Buyer Agents?

While Buyer Agents love using TourZazz to build, schedule, and share single or multi-property showing schedules, TourZazz is also built to help Listing Agents manage appointments and distribute inbound showing requests to multiple showing recipients for all listings. TourZazz is a multi-purpose app that can be used by both Listing and Buyer Agents, depending on the individual business need and client type.

How is TourZazz different from other showing services?

While other showing services primarily provide appointment management and calendar scheduling tools for Listing Agents, TourZazz is the first-of-its-kind, multi-purpose app that increases productivity, enhances Agent/Company branding, and significantly elevates the showing experience for everyone involved. Listing Agents can use TourZazz as a FREE appointment management alternative and Buyer Agents can save a ton of time building, scheduling, and sharing single or multi-property showing tours. A win-win for everyone!

Can I use TourZazz if my market has another showing service?

While TourZazz is not yet integrated directly with other showing services, it can be used as a standalone scheduling app, even if one or multiple appointments must be confirmed through another showing service. TourZazz's patented technology is built to be versatile when another showing service is being used on the listing side.

How do I upgrade from Basic to Pro Plan?

It's very simple. Log into the app and click on your profile settings. Then, click Manage Subscription.

Does TourZazz offer company or team discounts?

Absolutely! In fact, most of TourZazz's users are on company or team plans. Contact us today to set up a demo and discuss pricing.
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