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General Questions

What is TourZazz?

TourZazz is a concierge, artificial intelligence-powered solution for coordinating, building property tour itineraries, automating and scheduling appointment requests, and digitizing property tours in a flexible and easy-to-use platform, available to real estate agents and consumers. As a result, significant time is saved preparing for tours and scheduling showings, streamlining client communication in one easy-to-use interactive portal, elevating the client’s engagement, and enhancing the overall home buying experience. Available in the Apple App and Google Play stores.

What is TourZazz's mission?

This is a question we're incredibly passionate about! Our mission is to innovate and deliver industry-leading property tour and home buying technology, elevating and enhancing the value real estate professionals provide to today's consumers.

What value does TourZazz bring to Real Estate Agents?

The Value to Real Estate Agents.

  • Plug-and-play solution for showing management and property tour scheduling.
  • Spend less time prepping for tours (no print-outs or folders required).
  • Maximizes property tour efficiency and elevates client engagement and overall home buying experience.
  • Receive valuable client feedback that can help narrow – then complete – the home search process.
  • Agent-controlled access to home buyer’s tour and concierge portal.
  • Increases competitive edge.

What real-time challenges does TourZazz solve for Buyer Agents, Assistants, and Home Buyers?

The property tour and home selection process are arguably the most critical and time-consuming phase for real estate agents and their homebuyer clients. Yet, wrought with clunky, old-school inefficiencies. Due to the dynamic and ever-changing nature of setting up and conducting a property tour, common challenges that agents experience include sequencing properties to be visited. Determining traffic congestion patterns and how long a visit should be for each property, receiving confirmations (or denials) while scheduling appointments, running ahead or behind schedule while on tour, and handling real-time communications with listing agents and sellers on the fly. During the property tour, home buyer clients often fumble through clipboards, printed MLS sheets, apps, and websites, inputting and calculating distances and commute times to multiple points of interest, tracking pros and cons, features and favorites, viewing and comparing mortgage details, school rankings, crime reports and so much more for each property on tour. TourZazz solves all these issues.

Do I need to be a licensed agent to use TourZazz?

Yes. To use TourZazz, you must be a licensed real estate agent and a member of an Association of REALTORS. When signing up, TourZazz will authenticate your MLS ID with your local Association of REALTORS to confirm that your license is active.

How is TourZazz different from other showing services?

TourZazz serves the industry as a more modern, holistic, integrated, one-stop solution for the benefit of all parties involved in the showing process: Buyer's Agents, Buyers, Listing Agents, and Sellers. Our experience shows that other showing services have historically been geared to primarily benefit the Listing Agents and Sellers without really addressing the complex and on-the-go challenges Buyer Agents and their customer's experience. With the showing management feature for Listing Agents, TourZazz is the first-of-its-kind modern, integrated, one-stop solution to benefit all parties involved in the showing process.

Does TourZazz offer a staffed call center for scheduling appointments?

Agents are discovering that this is what makes TourZazz so remarkably different and unique. TourZazz’s modern showing service technology doesn’t require a staffed call center to schedule showing appointments, eliminating the expense of a staffed call center. Busy Agents don’t have time to disengage from their customers when touring homes and managing multiple on-the-go challenges and tasks. At the touch of a button, agents and their assistants can quickly create tour itineraries, schedule, reschedule, and cancel appointments on the fly.

Can TourZazz be used when Listing Agents use ShowingTime for their appointment scheduling requirements?

While TourZazz does not have a direct integration with ShowingTime, TourZazz has a method to help you coordinate your showing requests.

Signing Up

How much does TourZazz cost?

Great question! TourZazz offers monthly and annual subscription options to meet your showing and property tour management needs. Brokerages, agents, and teams also have the option of adding on assistants who help in setting up and managing showings. You can learn more here.

Are there any setup fees?

No. There are no setup fees or hidden charges with any of our pricing plans. Buyer Agents can sign up for your 60-day FREE trial period and get instant access to building tour itineraries, automating the appointment scheduling process, and digitizing the property tour experience for home buyer customers.

Are company or bulk discounts offered?

Yes. TourZazz offers bulk discounts for brokerages and MLS's. To learn more, call our sales team at (737) 787-7720.

Do you Offer a Free Trial?

We were hoping you'd ask that! Yes, TourZazz offers a FREE 60-day trial period. So if you're ready to schedule your first showing or plan your first property tour, you can start your free trial immediately upon signing up. Click here to sign up.

What happens after my Free Trial ends?

If you do not cancel before the end of your free trial period, your account will automatically be charged the monthly or annual subscription fee. The free trial only applies to first-time subscribers.

What kind of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. If you are a larger team, brokerage, or MLS and want to inquire about our bulk discounts, please contact us at (737) 787-7720. Learn more here.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes. If you ever decide that TourZazz isn't the best showing management platform for your business, simply cancel your account from your control panel, or call us at (737) 787-7720.

I am interested in bringing TourZazz to my market. What are the next steps?

Call us. (737) 787-7720

Buyer Agents

Why do Buyer Agents, Assistants, and Buyers love using TourZazz?

TourZazz uses modern technology to revolutionize, streamline, automate and simplify the property tour scheduling and home buying process, creating an exceptional experience for Buyer Agents, Assistants, and their Home Buyers. The intuitive tour builder and automated appointment scheduling platform turns what can sometimes take hours of tour preparation into minutes, even seconds. Once a tour schedule is fully confirmed, Buyer Agents and Assistants can click to share an interactive digital tour itinerary that homebuyers can access while on tour. Buyer Agents and Assistants look like showing rockstars!

What problems does TourZazz solve for Buyer Agents?

The landscape of the real estate industry is dramatically changing. The onslaught of new technology platforms, on-demand data, and disruptors to the traditional home-buying model is transforming the Buyer Agent's role and the expectations of homebuyer clients. While many technology companies are creating solutions to help buyers during the online home search phase of the home buying process, there is one phase often overlooked. The property tour and selection process is arguably the most critical and time-consuming phase for both real estate agents and their buyer customers. For today's Buyer Agents and Assistants, time is money. They need:

  • Time-Saving Technology: Agents and Assistants spend hours lining up property tour itineraries, mapping the most efficient route, scheduling showings with Listing Agents and Sellers, juggling schedule changes, and printing and organizing MLS sheets or sending property links to Buyers. There is no technology in place that allows the agent to create, manage and share property tours online, in an interactive way, with Buyers.
  • Modern Process: In the technology age we live in today, the days of printing MLS sheets and using pen and paper to take notes and track property favorites is clunky and old-school.
  • Streamlined Communication: Agents manage hundreds of back-and-forth emails and texts with clients to develop the property tour game plan and home selection process. There's currently no one-stop hub for all communication with a particular client.
  • Efficient Tracking: Currently, there is no organized, efficient, effective way for agents to help buyers track property features and favorites so that clients can ultimately choose the home that best fits their needs.

What problems does TourZazz solve for your Buyer customers?

Today’s Buyers expect a more simplified, efficient, organized, transparent home buying experience. Buyers want:

  • Modernized Format: Juggling pages of MLS sheets cluttered with limited property information is antiquated and frustrating for buyers.
  • Consolidated Data: With no one-stop data solution available, buyers have to jump from dozens of apps and websites to get the data they want about each property of interest.
  • Minimal Distractions: The antiquated process and fragmented data make the home tour and buying process distracting, cumbersome and overwhelming.
  • Efficient Tracking: Just as agents need an organized, efficient, effective way to help their buyers track property features and favorites, more importantly, buyers desperately need an easy-to-use tracking system as well.
TourZazz solves these issues by making Buyer Agents and Assistants look like showing rockstars!

Listing Agents


As an assistant, can I use TourZazz to set up tours and schedule showings on behalf of an agent or team?

Great question. Yes. Many Agents and Teams have Assistants who help set up tours and coordinate showings. TourZazz enables Assistants to set up showings and tours on behalf of Agents and teams.

How is TourZazz different for licensed verses non-licensed Assistants?

If you are an Assistant and also hold an active real estate license, you will be able to view and access private MLS property data on the platform. Unlicensed assistants may also be onboarded, but access to specific showing and property data will be limited.

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