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A Modern Showing Tour Experience

It’s a showing tour builder, appointment scheduler, tour management system, and client experience tool. All in one. And all powered by patented, state-of-the-art technology that allows for on-the-fly flexibility and makes you look like a rock star.
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A 5-Star Concierge Showing Experience


Save Time Scheduling

Pitch-perfect itineraries that take less than half the time to make. And optimize the tour perfectly for your client’s needs and habits.

Elevate your Value

Elevate your offering. Stay relevant. And provide the modern experience that today’s home buyers expect.

An Engaging Smartphone Experience

An intuitive, thoughtful design that keeps everyone on the same page — without the archaic pen-and-paper/clipboard clutter.

What are Agents saying?

“TourZazz saved my life today! I had 5 hours of showings from Austin to Dale, Cedar Park, Bastrop and back! TourZazz set a pitch perfect itinerary and we arrived on the money at every showing! Best part…I was relaxed and my clients found their dream home!”

Jonna Juul Hansen


"Nothing Short of Miraculous"

jason sheldon, austin real producers

Best-in-Class Showing Technology

build, Schedule, and share showing tour itineraries

At TourZazz, we provide an elevated showing experience for buyer agents and home buyers. Our system is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, with enhanced flexibility for on-the-fly changes in the field. You can create tour itineraries that are perfect for your customers from anywhere. Features include:

Time-Saving Scheduling Features & Automations

tz smart scheduler

Use TourZazz's TZ Smart Scheduler to automate time-consuming, repetitive scheduling tasks. Optional manual scheduling mode available.

TZ Auto Notifications

From cancellation to rescheduling notifications, let TourZazz assist with all your communications.

no costly call center

Call centers can be unnecessarily distracting, too costly and overly human dependent. TourZazz's patented technology can eliminate most of this age-old, antiquated behavior. After all, it is the 21st Century.

Property Detail Screen with Schedule Appointments Modal

Showing Alerts & Notifications

Happy Agent on Mobile

Showing Request Reminders

No response to your showing request yet? TourZazz sends multiple reminders following the initial request on your behalf.

Showing Cancellations

Need to cancel a showing or an entire tour? Click to cancel and let TourZazz handle the rest.

Rescheduling Assistance

Running early, late or need to reschedule altogether? Let TourZazz assist with your rescheduling and time-change requests to all showing recipients.

Tour time limitation AlertS

Limited on time? TourZazz will warn you if your tour cannot be completed in the timeframe specified.

Showing & Touring Customizations

unmatched flexibility and change management

set tour speed

Adjust the pace of your tour and property visits based on your client's personality and behavior style.

Adjust Showing

Need a shorter or longer visit at a property? Easily adjust the length of each visit and TourZazz will handle the rest.

reorder Tour stops

Easily adjust the sequence of tour stops based on property availability and personal preferences.

Add breaks and
special destinations

Want to take a breather or share a special location with your clients? Add breaks or multiple favs to your touring schedule.


Need to add properties to your already confirmed showing schedule? Let TourZazz handle your last-minute scheduling/rescheduling tasks.

Add off-market

Add office exclusive "off-market" listings to your showing schedule, maximizing buying opportunities for your buyers.

Add Multiple Buyers

Create exceptional touring experiences for multiple buyers at the same time, which can be shared locally and globally.

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A Better Showing Tour Experience For Everyone

Mobile-First Experience

No more embarrassing printed MLS sheets and clipboard clutter during showings. Save some trees!

no more clipboard clutter

We surveyed hundreds of practicing agents to see what information they want when showing properties. With TourZazz, it's all available at your fingertips. No more printed MLS sheets.

real time status updates

Stay in the know when properties you've shown or are scheduled to see change status.

Single-Click Directions Between stops

TourZazz's customized mapping solution takes into account traffic congestion and goes beyond the standard mapping solutions available. No more manual address entry between stops.

a better smartphone experience

Elevate your client's showing experience

Home buyers can enjoy smoother tours with an interactive, digital tour itinerary. And focus on the fun of finding their new home – not the frustration of clipboard clutter and a stressful schedule.

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