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A Property Tour Builder, Showing Appointment Scheduler, Tour Management System, & Client Engagement Tool.

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Turn Hours of Scheduling and Tour Preparation into Minutes...even Seconds!

TourZazz's patent-pending, artificial intelligence-powered solution enables real estate agents to coordinate, automate, and digitize property showings.

Significant time is saved preparing for and scheduling showings, handling time-consuming and on-the-go tasks, streamlining client communication in one easy-to-use interactive portal, elevating the client’s engagement and enhancing the overall home buying experience.

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The Value to Buyer Agents
Plug-and-Play Solution for Showings and Property Tour Scheduling
Maximizes Property Tour Efficiency,  Elevates Client Engagement and Their Overall Homebuying Experience
Remote On-the-Go Access to Showing Information
Far Less Time Required Prepping for Showings and Property Tours
Agent-Controlled Access to Buyer's Home Tour and Concierge Portal
Receive Valuable Client Feedback that will Help Narrow and Complete the Home Selection Process
Significantly Enhances the Value of Buyer Agency
No Print-outs, Folders or Property Links Required

"I especially love the feature that will allow me to be flexible when adding a last-minute property to the tour... In my opinion, this not only helps me cut down the time it takes to create a property tour, most importantly my buyer feels this is more of a benefit for them.  A Win! Win! For everyone!" ~ Brigitte Thompson, REALTOR®

For today's real estate agent, time is money.

Busy top-notch agents need:

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Time-Saving Technology

Agents spend hours:

  • lining-up showings and property tour itineraries,

  • sequencing tour stops,

  • mapping the most efficient route,

  • scheduling appointments with Listing Agents and Sellers,

  • juggling realtime schedule changes,

  • and printing and organizing MLS sheets or property links for the Buyer

Modern Process

In the technology-age we live in today, the days of printing MLS sheets and using pen and paper to take notes and track property features and favorites is clunky and old-school.

Streamlined Communication

Agents manage hundreds of back-and-forth emails and texts with clients to develop the property tour game plan and home selection process. There’s currently no one-stop hub for all communication with a particular client.

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Efficient Tracking

Currently there is no organized, efficient, effective way for Agents to help Buyers track property features and favorites so that clients can ultimately choose the home that best fits their needs.