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Founded in 2018, TourZazz is the first-of-its-kind tool that utilizes patented, modern technology to elevate the entire scheduling and showing tour experience — for both Agents and their clients. It’s a smarter way to schedule, with an intuitive design and enhanced flexibility for on-the-fly changes out in the field. TourZazz creates pitch-perfect itineraries that save you time, reduce your hassle, and keep you current. Making you look like an absolute rock star. Every time.

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Our Core Fundamentals


We Coexist

We built TourZazz to coexist with other showing services. Our versatility makes our app nimble and versatile.

Buyer Agency

This is our key differentiator from everybody else. Buyer Agency is the heart and soul of our extended ecosystem.


TourZazz is a proponent of showing interoperability. Empowering the industry with Choice of Service is key.

We Coexist with Other Showing Services

Agents who represent Buyers can use TourZazz to build, schedule, and share showing tours, even if a listing dictates that showings be scheduled through another showing service. With TourZazz providing a superior scheduling and showing experience for Buyer Agents and their clients, many Listing Agents are opting to use TourZazz as a FREE alternative appointment management solution in order to reduce scheduling friction across multiple showing service vendors and showing parties. This allows for TourZazz to further enhance the showing experience for everyone involved.

Certified Showing Hub Vendor

Offering Product Choice to the Real Estate Industry

As a Certified Vendor for the new Showing Choice HUB initiative, TourZazz supports showing interoperability and increased product choice of service for Agents, Brokerages, MLSs, and Associations. Watch this video to learn more and hear from some of the top leadership in the real estate industry.

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TourZazz: A RESO Technology Member

Streamlining Technology Through Global Collaboration

TourZazz is proud to be a member of the Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO).

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" TourZazz solves a human problem, not a technology problem. "
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Whether you’re scheduling showings for buyers, or your looking for an appointment management alternative to manage showings on your listings, TourZazz is for you. Either way, whatever your business need, register for free and try TourZazz today. You won’t want to go back to your old ways again.

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